Please feel free to use these scenarios for non-profit enjoyment. I'd love to hear if you do use them, please comment below if you do :)

One-off LARP Scenarios

Royal Flush: a political Wonderland LARP for 13 people.

Who Killed Peter Rabbit?: an adult murder mystery for 20-40 people, written to promote a theatre season of Beatrix Potter.

The Script and the printable version of the in-game prop (spoilers!!): a B-movie horror themed improvisation LARP for 4-8 people.

The Pendleton Homecoming: 10 years after the aliens have left Earth, we catch up with the cast of Third Rock from the Sun.

The Glass Series

The games below are all themed around different genres of reality TV.

Heart of Glass: a bachelor/bachelorette romance 

Party Down in the Glass House: Jersey Shore meets Big Brother

There were other ideas I had but never got around to. I may still write them one day:

Glass Cannon (グラース・キャノン): a Japanese game show
Survivor: Glass Lagoon

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