Please feel free to use these scenarios for non-profit enjoyment. I'd love to hear if you do use them, please comment below if you do :)

One-off LARP Scenarios

Royal Flush: a political Wonderland LARP for 13 people.

Who Killed Peter Rabbit?: an adult murder mystery for 20-40 people, written to promote a theatre season of Beatrix Potter.

The Script and the printable version of the in-game prop (spoilers!!): a B-movie horror themed improvisation LARP for 4-8 people.

The Pendleton Homecoming: 10 years after the aliens have left Earth, we catch up with the cast of Third Rock from the Sun. (Note: this is still incomplete. I have a few edits to make, and I need to put the horde document section in here too)

The Glass Series

The games below are all themed around different genres of reality TV.

Heart of Glass: a bachelor/bachelorette romance 

Party Down in the Glass House: Jersey Shore meets Big Brother

There were other ideas I had but never got around to. I may still write them one day:

Glass Cannon (グラース・キャノン): a Japanese game show
Survivor: Glass Lagoon

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