I have never been published, but I have written a few things for pleasure in the last few years. Here is a collection. Not sure how much, if any of this, I will revise and seek publication for. It seems very hard these days to get published. But anyway, here they are if you are interested.

The Kylie Saga Edit

A fantasy story focussed around one girl's destiny in a magical world (that is actually sort of post-apocalyptic, but that's not important for the first part). The first 5 books are an arc, and there is a prequel featuring the girl's mother (best read after the main series), a sequel in the far future, and a bridging (unfinished) story between the main 5 books and the far future sequel.

  1. Girl Undergound
  2. Steel Diplomacy
  3. Piracy
  4. Moonlit Metal
  5. The Necromancer's Love
  6. Prequel: Winter's Bride
  7. Unfinished: Reign of the Tiger
  8. Sequel: Return to Hex

Also, bonus material: this very rough, unfinished draft of a novel from Nanowrimo is technically part of the Kylie universe: E-SCAPE. I guess it would technically be a far-past prequel?

The Sisters of Skeleton Hill Edit

I had a lot of fun writing this with an idea of publishing it for little girls. Maybe I still will some day.

  1. The Sisters of Skeleton Hill
  2. The Sisters of the Black Academy
  3. The Sisters and the Mother Witch

Welcome to Sunny Valley Edit

Using characters and situations from the excellent LARP 'Welcome to Sunny Valley' by Cheryl Frederick, I wrote this novella for Nanowrimo in 2013.

Welcome to Sunny Valley

Silver and Gray Edit

Another children's book, about ghost animals. Silver and Gray

True Tales from University Edit

A whimsical story collection I wrote after my Bachelor of Arts, using my friends as characters.

  1. My Friend June from the Planet Xartex, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4
  2. Patrick Finnegan Lloyd, Chapter 1, Chapter 2
  3. The NICHE, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4
  4. The Final Chapter: The Girl with the Green Hair
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