Published Plays

My published plays Spilt Milk, King Arthur and Dracula are available here:

Spilt Milk: This script won 'Flip the Script' in Auckland 2005, got a special mention from Playmarket's Plays for the Young competition in 2010, and has been physically published as a part of 'Stage Adventures'.

It is a normal day for Main Character. But then the Catalyst approaches him, thinking he is some sort of spy ... suddenly a flood washes the Catalyst away from him, and MC finds himself in the barren wasteland of The Margin. His whole life was just a play, and he lived inside the director's copy of the script. She's just spilt coffee on it, and life is now in disarray.

I also wrote a Christmas version for my theatre club, TheatreWorks, which they have put on twice since: Life's a Pantomime

Dracula - Performed September 2017 at TheatreWorks Birkenhead. A Brechtian take on Bram Stoker's classic. It was shortlisted for the ADAM NZ Play Award.

King Arthur - Performed December 2016 at TheatreWorks Birkenhead. This play was a commercial and critical success and we won Best Props at the ACTT Awards.

Arthur is starting a promising career as a knight’s squire when suddenly his world goes topsy-turvy. He draws the sword Excalibur from the enchanted stone, and is named High King of All England! While he struggles with learning to rule, his sister Morgan le Fay conspires to take the throne for herself, his knights squabble, and his promised bride Princess Guinevere is nowhere to be found. Events reach their darkest point when the sword Excalibur goes missing. Will Arthur be able to reclaim the sword and prove his worth as king?

Unpublished Plays

I have many unpublished plays. If any of these appeal to you to perform, I would be very grateful if you could contact my agent, Playmarket NZ, and request a specific play of mine.

Plays which may be on Playmarket soon (I'm still editing!)

  • The Iliad - April 2018, performed Te Pou Theatre and the PumpHouse Coal Bunker Theatre - taken from Homer and updating it to WW1
  • Pet (2017), a short play written as part of Gary Henderson's Theatre Writing School. A couple argue over the fate of their restaurant, watched by their pet cat.
  • Battery (2004) performed Glenfield College and University of Auckland Stage 2 Club - Kitty is trapped, and meets strange cellmates
  • A Midsummer Night's Christmas (2005) performed TheatreWorks Birkenhead - a Christmas pantomime using characters from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Nights' Dream
  • Where Art Thou Chivalry (2004) performed Glenfield College - a scientist tests his time machine and meets a headstrong queen, but changes time forever when he saves her from assassination
  • Alice's Revenge (2010) performed Glenfield College - the hotly contested lead role in Alice in Wonderland leads to murder in the theatre
  • ESC-ape (2011) performed Glenfield College - one girl's electronic obsession controls her life and leads her to ignore the world around her
  • A Midsummer's Nightmare (2006) performed Glenfield College - a modern trashy teenage party version of A Midsummer Nights' Dream
  • Blessed Cursed Muse (2006) performed Glenfield College - a wizard loses his magic, and must go on a quest to retrieve it
  • Murderers and Magicians (2004) performed Glenfield College - a young orphan boy leads Hepzibah the half-genie to rescue her mother who is trapped by an evil king
  • Children of the Loch (2005) performed Glenfield College - Leander's life changes forever when a young dragoness falls in love with him
  • Shakespeare Junior (2008) performed Glenfield College - a teenage Shakespeare goes on a journey to get inspiration for a play

Upcoming Plays

  • Sir Percival and the Quest for the Holy Grail - TheatreWorks Birkenhead December 2018 - a spiritual sequel to the 2016 pantomime
  • The Adventures of Hercules - a short pantomime for very young kids
  • Sherlock Holmes Quadruple Feature - four short stories told in a farcical style
  • Young Zombies (2017), performed in this form at the Pumphouse Theatre as part of 'Something Old, Something New' season of playreadings (this form is a one act, am planning to expand to full play in future) - a play about twenty-somethings struggling in the late 2010s. The linked version is a 10 minute play version. I am writing a new two act version.

Complete but unpublished Plays

These are plays that I am happy to share samples of, with the understanding that if you want to use them you will contact Playmarket NZ. Again, I want to work on these further and consider whether I will list them with Playmarket.

  • Millicent, Year 11, Witch (2003), never performed - Millicent realises that what she wants isn't always what she needs
  • Virgin Party (2009) performed by Theatre of Love - an ultimately naive angry feminist play written by a 19 year old... enjoy!
  • Mother is Dead, written 2016, never performed. Due to the sensitive subject matter of this play I do not want to freely distribute it. It is a play about the Parker-Hulme murder case in Christchurch, 1954, and the story is told from the perspective of the ghost of the victim.
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